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Virtual product experiences – a stepping stone in buyer’s journey!

Virtual product experiences – a stepping stone in buyer’s journey!

The big new technology that will impact the economy and your life are augmented reality and virtual reality. These high-end virtual experiences generated by using hardware and software to have real-world experience is making their way in many forms in our everyday lives today. Visual immersion is provided by headsets and/or headphones, while sensory impressions are provided by handhelds and wearables. Many leading companies are now using AR/VR to improve their digital marketing activities.

  • If you work in retail, you will be competing to offer the best shopping and digital service to your customers. For example, introducing AR and VR into clothing stores would allow the consumers to see clothing pieces in 3D and digitally try them on online. You’ll still need to give your consumers the option to try out new haircuts or tattoos without making any long-term commitments.
  • The construction and real estate sector will be one of the major beneficiaries of the AR and VR impact. If you work as a construction professional, electrician, or plumber, you’ll be able to walk through a VR building and identify problems in design or drainage. This will positively impact project management, reduce construction costs, and save time.
  • A training organisation that incorporates both technologies, on the other hand, would allow one to develop training plans that are compatible with an employee. As a result, they will gain confidence and expertise in their job. If you are a trainee surgeon, for example, virtual and augmented reality would allow you to perform surgery on a 3D human replica before operating on live patients.
  • In addition, VR/AR provides doctors with unique opportunities for discovering new treatments. An augmented-reality surgical guidance device was developed to provide surgeons with “X-ray vision” during complex spine surgery medical procedures. In the medical industry, virtual reality may aid in the treatment of phobias and anxiety. It can aid in overcoming fear-inducing real-life scenarios. Furthermore, such automated technologies have applications in physical therapy and recovery.
  • Entertainment and games have been early adopters of VR and AR. Without those platforms, it is difficult to construct new game experiences. People will immerse themselves in a 3D virtual reality entertainment world and engage with one another when playing a game here. Digital galleries, restaurants, cinemas, theme parks, and museums are also types of VR entertainment. It is now possible to use VR software to touch untouched museum displays and do a number of other entertaining items.

Such immersive and interactive VR/AR content enhances product presentation, demonstration to a new level. As “seeing is believing” such experiences certainly make their mark on potential customer’s minds. It enables consumers to experience content in a more engaging atmosphere, resulting in an emotional bond.

There are many such experiences are on the horizon for us and soon, we all would be experiencing products/services through such technologies before consuming. Like the famous Hindi, brand jingle says – “Pehle Istmaal Karo, fir Vishwas Karo” would be the consumer’s motto and marketers would be creating content for this need.

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