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Replace traditional product collaterals with Augmented reality-based interactive modules

Replace traditional product collaterals with Augmented reality-based interactive modules

Showcase your product variants, features, and offerings through an augmented reality-based catalogue. In today’s pandemic situation where clients are not likely to physically visit the showroom or office, clients lack imagination as they are unaware of the product’s size, type, etc. which ultimately affects the sale. 

It was challenging and interesting for proposing and then implementing augmented reality based collateral for one such requirement for a product manufacturer. An augmented reality-based interactive product showcase lets the customer view products, variants, features, and specifications through any digital platforms such as laptops, smartphones, tablets sitting at any corner of the world. Augmented reality-based product collateral gives the client a near-life experience of the product and a detailed understanding of the same. 

Augmented reality helps users to have a 3D product projection in his/her own reality and unity programming also helps in interacting with this projected model. Interactions such as rotate, flip, 360-degree view, explode views, assemble/dissemble are possible for the projected 3D model. Superimposing infographics for listing product features, benefits, the specification makes users have detailed product understanding. Voiceover commenting the entire user journey (multi-lingual ~ with an option to select language) would certainly elevate this experience.

Here is a glimpse of the application: https://vimeo.com/545434610

There could be QR code scanning or a simple URL link click option to start the application. The application requests for accessing the camera of the device (Smartphone/tablet or a laptop). Once this access is granted camera starts showing the surroundings and places a 3D model of the product in this surrounding environment, augmenting the user’s reality. The tabs – CTA provided aids interaction with this projected 3D model. Interestingly the application can end with a call to action tab that can be linked to landing pages, e-commerce pages, enquiry forms, etc., which can directly bring the user into the sales funnel. Such experiences can also be interlinked with the existing product page on the website.

It was indeed an exciting project, thanks to an open-minded client, who accepted this idea without any doubts!

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