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Product showcase through augmented reality

Product showcase through augmented reality

Product showcase has become a common phenomenon for the product manufacturing industry for almost all the industry verticles. There are times when bulky and/or hefty machines are also carried to customers place just for showcase purposes. In the case of capital machinery sometimes customers have to travel for getting a glimpse of the proposed product.

A limited number of product showcases as sales executives cant be omnipresent for multiple clients simultaneously. Pandemic restrictions preventing travel visits and limitations of outsiders entry into client’s premises are posing hurdles for such product demonstrations and showcases.

Even after all the hassles if product showcase are arranged, even then customers can see the outer look and feel of the product; but can not have an insight driving experiences. At certain product showcases there are limitations on perceived information as intrinsic details, such as cross-sectional views, sensor locations, etc., are not readily available and customer has to rely on imagination for visualisation of certain aspects.

Customised augmented reality based applications can certainly help to mitigate this issue in most apprehensive manner. Using the existing 3D model of the product, one can easily develop an interactive and immersive experience for the user in his/her own environment. Such visualisation can have several bundled features such as:

  • Xr views of the product
  • 360 degree visualisation, rotate / flip options
  • Overlay interactive call to action tabs
  • Infographic animation
  • and many more

Interactive commands aids customers with a preference to see the product in the chosen colour, texture or with preferred accessories. Options for selecting the model from the prescribed list is an intriguing option.

The most significant benefit these applications carry is its easy distribution and seamless integration with digital marketing assets. The application can be easily integrated with the existing website as well and could be shared via URL or a call to tab feature. User journeys can be tracked for speficied remarketing and also for market research purposes. Enquiry forms/order forms can also be integrated with such application.

Needless to say that such product showcases are gaining importance in lieu of customer convenience than.

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