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Performance Marketing is becoming the centerpiece of all media and content for
Result Oriented Consultancy
Digital Presence Audit
Comprehensive assessment of business’s online presence
Planning And Insights
Strategies to increase Brand Relevance
Marketing Consultancy
Result Oriented Inputs Mapped with Business Outcomes
SEO, Content Creation, Videos, Design and Conversion Optimization
Providing Fuel to the Transformation Engine
Performance Based Marketing
We offer a variety of services to employ the most popular platforms and strategies to generate leads and conversions for your business, based on our extensive expertise conducting performance campaigns.

Our Clientele


As a data-driven, performance-based digital marketing consultancy, our focus is on Performance Based Marketing. Our expertise lies in utilizing our articulation and analytical skills to gain a precise understanding of the client’s problem and provide customized communication solutions. We strongly believe in Online X Offline marketing for the best marketing results and hence provide result oriented marketing services in online as well as offline domain.   


We also provide training in digital marketing and product management with a focus on real-life case studies and client problems. we have taught over 2,500 management students and corporate professionals in offline, online, and hybrid courses, bringing expertise in integrated marketing communications, entrepreneurship, and experiential marketing. 


Our approach involves designing custom corporate training workshops that are uniquely tailored to meet specific business needs. This is achieved through collaboration with teams to gain an understanding of their unique nuances and requirements.





Conducting customized trainings – students, faculty development programs, management development programs in the field of digital marketing tools/software, metaverse introduction, applications of experiential marketing that are centered at boosting information to insight journey.



  1. Trained 2,500 business executives and students in management
  2. Experience of over 1,000 hours of teaching experience
  3. Delivering offline, online, and hybrid courses
  4. Provide online courses, classroom training, and one-day training programs.
What Our Clients Say!​​
We work with forward-looking organizations who understand that joining the global startup economy is key to
drive innovation and spur economic growth.


Basics of Experiential Reality

Basics of Experiential Reality

Experiential products are often referred to like the products/services that can be experienced/touched. These are the items that a customer buys and can enjoy while experiencing them. A great and easy source of example can be considered as a piece of music, wide and well known. Two types of services can be found in these services namely, experiential and non-experiential….

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Product showcase through augmented reality

Product showcase through augmented reality

Product showcase has become a common phenomenon for the product manufacturing industry for almost all the industry verticles. There are times when bulky and/or hefty machines are also carried to customers place just for showcase purposes. In the case of capital machinery sometimes customers have to travel for getting a glimpse of the proposed product. A limited number of product…

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XR for Application Oriented Pedagogy

XR for Application Oriented Pedagogy

Only 47% of Indian graduates are employable, claims All India Council for Technical Education. Out of 5 million Indian graduates passing every year, only 20% have the skill sets to be employable, states Industry lobby Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).  Though the number of universities, colleges, and programs is increasing in the country day by day,…

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